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Locking trends from Rahrbach

Innovative solutions have promoted Rahrbach GmbH, Heiligenhaus, to being  one of the leading manufacturer of locking technologies for hot and cold appliances. Our core competencies lie in the research and development of mechanical and electromechanical latches for ovens, cold storages and refrigerated furnishings, of which the majority is made of die-cast or plastic. Other main interests are, impulse given system solutions for medical and environmental appliances.

As a single source supplier – starting from development and design using CAD-Systems, to our own tool shop, the research department, from prototypes to serial production and assembly – Rahrbach takes care of all processes in-house. A generic quality and environmental management system, accounts for a substantial part of our company policy. Our customer oriented approach generates synergies recognised by international standards like ISO 9001, 14001 und lately 50001.


6303 | „Long Nose“-Strike

Rahrbach presents its latest strike development for the oven business, featuring an improved tolerance range which fits almost every locking solution.  The new S-Strike offers a distinct ramp gradient,  called „long nose“, to allow for an optimum of latch engagement  between locking lever/spring and strike. The new S-Strike is available for 1-step or 2-step opening with a standard or a fine pitch thread.



7160 | slido

Rahrbach’s newest locking system for lockable sliding doors is based on the Nitro/Vitro lever on the outside and a brandnew and intelligent locking mechanism on the inside of the door.

Slido is perfect for door weights up to 120 Kg/265 either as an automatical or mechanical driven version.

Easy to install. The lever design is identical to our standard latch version for the turning doors and allows not only for a universal look, but a combined master key system too. There are many more additional options to satisfy the market needs for this sector.



7505 | Robusto

The new multiple latch “Robusto” makes an innovative contribution to environmental testing chambers. Made of stainless steel, is ideal  for temperature variations from minus 80 to plus 180 degrees Celsius. And so, 7505 scores as an ideal system for extreme temperatures as in environmental simulations or flash freezing. Thanks to its modular design, many latching variations and customised options are available. Robusto can be used as a single or multiple point locking system.


In addition to the range of clever options, new items for extreme temperature areas have broaden the product offer, specifically for large doors and high closing forces. To improve the ease of use were not only inserted brass roles into the stainless steel levers, but there are now selective frame parts available in brass too, to allow for higher closing forces. All together an important set of options ideally for climate chambers  and walk-ins with temperatures up to –80 °C / –112 °F.


Robust stainless steel hinge for flush doors

Rahrbach’s well known Series 5.000 has been added by a new cam rise ,lift-off version. Custom made for fire proof  entryways, service doors and walk-ins, the hinge is designed to be easily mounted and assembled. This new hinge incorporates many features such as theft protection, dimensional adjustability, cam rise, lift-off to name a few and able to with stand door weight capacity by type of up to 120 kilos (246lb) using two hinges. A robust hinge to meet our customers most difficult reqirements..


8442 | Hoppo 2.0

The new HOPPO 2.0 is a continous development of the well known HOPPO protected by a robust stainless steel case, improved enclosing force and a reinforced locking mechanism. Hoppo 2.0 closes the product offering between the standard quality latch Hoppo and the high performance version waterproof IP67. HOPPO 2.0 is ideal for enduses far above the normal requirements i.e. machine tools, industrial washing machines, plant engineering as well as any comfort locking mechanism with higher force.


8480 – Hoppo WATERPROOF

Enhanced by the scope of protection of IP67, the new HOPPO WATERPROOF, designed as a electromotorical latch, fits the requirements  for a wide variety of possible applications. Even with the enhanced closing force (5000 N), the vibrations resistance and the complete water proof protection, the new HOPPO fits into the same space saving opening as the original HOPPO . The robust stainless steel enclosure rounds up the demanding versatility and offers unlimited, flexible applications and mounting possibilities. 


Self-closing electromotorical  latch with electrical locking assistance

The new ORIO 8810 compliments the ever growing Rahrbach’s family of self-closing latches with electrical locking assistance. It has a very flat design , ideally for tight mounting positions. Due to its shock resistance, the ORIO full fills many applications including medical,technical,and heated products. The new ORIO is available in 24 DC including the self-closing as a comfort function.


1-point latching

Recently launched arrives the new series 6339 a specific locking system with highly advanced  features. The new 1-point latch offers a pull-to-shut function of up to 7mm by closing. Ideal to achieve higher gasket pressure particularly when used  for large doors. The 2-step opening allows for more handling comfort. The design of the handle can be customised upon request.


2-point latching

Another novelty is promoted with the series 6337, containing stainless steel components for more endurance and higher temperatures. The 2-point latch has a reinforced drive, which ensures a seamless power transmission and with the 2-step opening recognises security aspects in handling.  As a result the higher gasket pressures are accompanied by a low abrasion of the components and easy door closing. As for 6339, the door handle is available in Rahrbach design and customised as well.


Hygiene Insert

As a special for the hot appliances segment, Rahrbach is presenting the new hygiene insert for pendulum latches and closing mechanisms such as 6333, 6334 and 6339. Universal insert suitable for door thicknesses between 30 and 50 mm, reduces contamination of the oven door from alien substances and cleaning detergents. Hygiene inserts can be easily mounted due to an intelligent catch mechanism paired with a high temperature resistance. This catalogue item is available from stock and allows for an efficient and cost-oriented system solution. Customised versions upon request.


Strike blocking unit

Another innovation for the hot industry is  Rahrbach’s new series 6311, a patented and effective whilst cost saving solution for access control of ovens. The newly developed strike blocking unit prevents unauthorised door opening during programmes such as automatic cleaning etc. Including 1 or 2-step opening methods , the unit convinces due to a compact and space saving design aiming at smaller ovens for the front end market. In addition, the patented technology satisfies through easy assembly and simple control and is ideal for temperature critical end uses. 6311 is made of stainless steel and adaptable and retrofittable for the known series 6303, 6333 and 6334.

Due to the increased demand for this particular access control device for ovens, a brand new 12 V version is now in stock.


Electro-motoric latch

Re-designed and with improved features, Rahrbach presents its „Giro” series 8800. The closing force of the self-closing latch with electrical locking assistance has been increased by 50 % to 450 N, meeting product request of higher demands. Giro is available in different variations with 2-step openings, comfort closing and 5 methods of locking. The installation is versatile and can be horizontally as well as vertically. The control system for comfort functions is optionally available.


Hinges for flush doors

In presenting the new series 4297 Rahrbach, launches its first hinge for flush doors. Available in chromium-plated and powder coated finishes, the hinge meets the requirements of specific process conditions of this type of cold room construction for door weight capacity up to 80 kilos (2 hinges).


Jumbo/Rondo with Reed switch

Rahrbach proudly announces a product enhancement for the classical product series 6000 und 6004 by introducing a Reed switch. Thereby status reports, access control a.m.m can be easily retrieved. Another step in increasing the customer value for these approved self-closing latches.


Cold storage door system

„Arcto“  consisting of self-closing door latch 7800 and the complementary hinge 7805, which Rahrbach developed specifically for economical multicolour locking systems. 7800 can be used for inside or outside latching. The rising hinge 7805 is adjustable in three dimensions, has lift-off capabilities and, as 7800, can be used with left or right hinged doors. The door weight capacity lies at 40 kilos using 2 hinges.