6004 RONDO

Cold room door latch

  • Self-closing latch for cold room doors
  • Can be used for left- and right-hand doors
  • Different colors available
  • Inside opener and accessories analogous to 6000 Jumbo series
  • Reed variant on request



You can twist and turn the door however you like, but with this latch, closed really means closed. The only thing left to discuss here is the color, as the handle is available in different shades. The self-closing latch for cold room doors can also be used for left- and right-hand doors and is even available as a reed variant on request. The associated inside opener and other accessories are all from the 6000 Jumbo series. 6004 Zeichnung


Housing Plastic
Base Die-cast zinc, chrome-plated or cathodic dip coated (CDC)
Catch Die-cast zinc, zinc-plated
Release bar Plastic
Mounting plate Die-cast zinc, cathodic dip coated (CDC)
Strike head Die-cast zinc, powder-coted
Strike base Plastic
Notch pieces Die-cast zinc, zinc-plated
Pins Stainless steel
Inside handle Stainless steel, powder-coated
Other components Die-cast zinc

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