Inside handle for multi-function latching systems

  • Alternative inside handle with flat tube for higher detent dimension (36mm)
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Integrated tolerance compensation of the door thickness
  • Can be used for left- and right-hand doors
  • Compatible with series 7501, 7503 & 7506



This inside handle is an extension to the series 7501, 7503 and 7506. It can be used with either of those outside handles to add an alternative detent height and a different door stop alternative. Unlike the other handles which share the same flange, this inside handle comes with its own flange. It allows the handle to clip right on, positioning it perfectly so it can be screwed tightly to the door while maintaining a smooth action. The hole pattern of the flange in addition to the detent height of 36 mm match existing patterns and dimensions on the market. Of course it also comes with an integrated tolerance compensation, which is a huge help while mounting this handle and connecting it to its counterpart. The most important feature is its emergency opening. Regardless of the locked-state of the outside handle, the inside handle will always open the door, without changing the locked-state. Part numbers for outside handles see p. 7 7507 Zeichnung


Handle housings Plastic
Handle pipe Stainless steel
Mechanics Plastic
Other components Plastic or stainless steel
Cap Self luminescent

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