Pendulum latch

  • Self-closing latch
  • High endurance with high gasket-force
  • Resistant to aggressive climatic influences
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Latch available in different lengths - depending on door thickness
  • Fine adjustment via strike thread
  • Universal application
  • One or two step opening
  • Available for an internal or external mounting
  • Same hole pattern as 6303
  • Optional hygiene insert available
  • Handle in customer design available on request

Heated applications


This latch, complete with chrome-plated housing, sits squarely in the royal class of locking systems, as the self-closing latch crowns medium-sized hot appliances with its extensive functionality. If this universal pendulum latch is ever open, its only for challenges: It easily puts away even the most aggressive environments and impresses with a tremendous endurance at high gasket-force - no matter what, it always has everything in its ergonomic grip! Speaking of which, it is also available in a personalized design on request. A similar adaptability applies to the latch. This, too, is available in different lengths, depending on the door thickness. The pendulum latch is available for internal and external attachment. The strike is available with both one- and two-step closing. It can be adjusted extremely finely via its thread. An optional hygiene insert* is also available. This protects the closure from exhaust vapors and cleaning agents. The variable extension of up to 20 mm ensures an ideal fit. 6333 Zeichnung


Latch Stainless steel
Mechanics Die-cast zinc, chrome-plated
Housing Die-cast zinc, chrome-plated
Handle Plastic
Roll Stainless steel
Spring Spring steel, zinc-plated
Axle Die-cast zinc, slide-coated
Other components Stainless steel and spring steel, zinc-plated
Finish chrome-plated
Colors black

Latching mechanisms

Latching mechanism

for inside mounting

Latching mechanism

for outside mounting

Latch orientation

for latching mechanims with handle

Latching mechanism

latch parallel to the handle Orientation recommendation for 1- and 2-step-strikes

Latching mechanism

latch 90° to the handle e.g. for 6311

latch 90°,
for inside mounting
latch 90°,
for outside mounting
latch parallel,
for inside mounting
latch parallel,
for outside mounting
Z = 28 mm
S = 41-51 mm
Z = 32 mm
S = 45-55 mm
Z = 39 mm
S = 52-62 mm
Z = 47 mm
S = 60-70 mm

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