Latching mechanism

  • Central one-point locking system with high sealing force
  • Ideal for table devices and stand alone applications
  • Compressing distance of up to 8 mm
  • Two-step opening for safety venting position
  • Compact built for safe spacing option
  • Complementary handle to 6334 and 6337 series
  • Left and right hand available
  • Handle customization upon request

Heated applications


Dont panic about the mechanics: This latch does what it promises: namely close and with a compressing function of up to 8 mm. The compact and space-saving design is deceptive. This latching mechanism is small but mighty: Even the most extreme demands in the hot equipment world never makes this mechanism sweat. And high sealing forces are no problem either, because it has a central single-point latching system. The two-step latching technology including fine adjustment of the strike also enables a safety-relevant evaporation phase. Dicey situations? No worries because this latching mechanism always has everything under control. 6339 Zeichnung


Latch Stainless steel
Mechanics Stainless steel
Handle Plastic
Spring Spring steel
Axle Stainless steel
Other components Stainless steel, tempered steel
Colors black, anthracite gray

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