Edge-mounted hinge

  • Functional door hinge in modern design and sophisticated look
  • For refrigerated cabinets, counters etc.
  • Simple and quick assembly
  • Available for various door offsets
  • Disassembly protection
  • Can be used for both left- and right hand doors
  • Load capacity with 2 hinges approx. 25 kg
  • Offset min. 21 mm

Refrigerated Furnishings


Perfection especially for corners and edges. This functional door hinge in a sophisticated and modern design fits perfectly into the world of Ergo and Presto systems. It is suitable for refrigerated cabinets and counters of any kind, because it is available for various door offsets. Dont be deceived by the simple and quick assembly of this edge-mounted hinge, because it has an extremely secure disassembly protection. It can be used for both left- and right-hand doors and, as a duo, can lift approx. 25 kg. 4500 Zeichnung


Hinge body Die-cast zinc, chrome-plated
Cover cap Plastic
Hinge pin Steel, zinc-plated
Finish Chrome-plated, cathodic dip coating (CDC)
Standard colors Chrome, black
E = 16 mm
S = 22,5 mm
E = 16 mm
S = 26,5 mm
E = 17 mm
S = 31,5 mm
E = 18 mm
S = 41,5 mm
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