Panel Fastener

  • Latching system for foamed components
  • Constant tightening force due to eccenteric gear
  • Tightening hook transport secured
  • Suitable for multiple assemblies and disassemblies



This fastener is suitable for all types of foamed panels and allows for multiple assemblies and disassemblies. During panel manufacture, a thin plastic skin prevents foam from entering the fastener through the hole for the hexagonal key. This skin can later be easily pierced with a hexagonal key. Optional installation aids allow perfect positioning of the fastener and its counter part and also prevent foam from spilling into the fastener housing. An eccentric gear provides a durable tightening force and security. Speaking of secure: The tightening hook can be secured in place for transport. 0270 Zeichnung


Housing Plastic
Hook Steel, zinc-plated
Eccentric gear Die-cast zinc
Bolt Steel, zinc-plated

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