Edge-mounted hinge

  • Edge-mounted hinge in stainless steel look
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Adjustable in three axes
  • Disassembly protection with closed door
  • Rising
  • Unhingeable
  • Right and left versions
  • Load capacity with two hinges of max. 40 kg
  • Offset min. 34 mm



Plastic? For hinges? Yes! You might not expect the material selection given the stainless steel look, but it really is plastic. The extremely robust edge-mounted hinge is corrosion-resistant, rising, unhingeable, and has a load capacity of up to 40 kg with two hinges seriously impressive. At the same time, it can be adjusted in three axes and comes in a right or left version, as well as a disassembly protection when the door is closed. This plastic hinge brings something new to the table! 4006 Zeichnung


Hinge Die-cast zinc, surrounded with plastic
Caps stainless steel, brushed
Other components Plastic or die-cast zinc or stainless steel or steel, zinc-plated

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