Bolt latch

  • Robust gas-tight sliding door latch
  • Gas-tight structure prevents freezing
  • For door thickness from 80-160mm
  • Locking system capable, Kaba-Version available
  • With profile cylinder
  • Also available as reed variant
  • Pushbutton as emergency release on the inside



This sheer unbelievably robust sliding door latch lets nothing upset it. Especially not temperatures: The built-in seal minimizes air flow and ensures that the entire bolt latch, including the profile cylinder, does not freeze. Sounds good? It gets even better: This bolt latch is compatible with locking systems and can also be requested as a Kaba variant. As an emergency release of the lock, a pushbutton on the inside of the bolt latch is used. A reed version is also available, which can transmit the current state of the lock - open or closed.


Main components Plastic
Springs Spring steel
Other components Die-cast zinc, chrome-plated

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