6188 ERGO

Edge-mounted latch

  • Self-closing latch with adjustable closing force
  • non-lockable
  • Wide variety of surface finishes

Heated applications


Enough with drafts! This edge-mounted latch doesnt allow even the slightest breeze and ensures a constant temperature in hot appliances, warming units and counters. You can always rely on the self-closing latch with adjustable closing force. Youll never be caught out in the hot handed with this one also in terms of safety, because the plastic cap on the chrome handle protects fingers as well as it does the temperature. 6188 Zeichnung


Base plate Die-cast zinc, zinc-plated
Housing Die-cast zinc, chrome-plated
Handle Die-cast zinc, chrome-plated
Strike Die-cast zinc, chrome-plated
Latch Die-cast zinc, zinc-plated
Caps Plastic
Pins Steel, zinc-plated
Springs Spring steel
Screws zinc-plated
Other components Plastic or die-cast zinc
Finish chrome-plated

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