6200 DUPLO

Edge-mounted latch

  • Self-closing latch with proven technology
  • Prepared for easy switch from 2-step opening to 1-step opening
  • Various surface finishes

Heated applications


Enough with drafts! This edge-mounted latch doesnt allow even the slightest breeze and ensures a constant temperature in hot appliances, warming units and counters. You can always rely on the self-closing latch with adjustable closing force. Youll never be caught in the cold with this one. The edge-mounted latch is at least as good to look at as it is reliable, with a chrome-plated finish. 6200 Zeichnung


Base plate Die-cast zinc, zinc-plated
Housing Die-cast zinc, chrome-plated or cathodic dip coated (CDC)
Handle Die-cast zinc, chrome-plated
Strike Die-cast zinc, zinc-plated
Latch Die-cast zinc, zinc-plated
Cpas Plastic
Pins Steel, zinc-plated
Springs Spring steel
Screws zinc-plated
Other components Plastic or die-cast zinc
Finish chrome-plated

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