Pendulum latches

What is a Pendulum latch?

First of all: A distinction is made between one- and two-stage pendulum locks. The term “pendulum” is derived from the movement sequence during use. It’s very simple: when opening, the handle is moved first to the left and then to the right via a two-stage zig-zag catch – anyone who didn’t know this before must be really torn. In any case: This two-step process allows the oven to be vented before it is fully opened. This has the positive effect of significantly reducing the risk of scalding for operators. If the pendulum lock isn’t a really hot contender for a safety award…

There are different versions of the two-stage pendulum lock: zigzag, clockwise (CW) and counterclockwise (CCW). Each variant enables the closure to be perfectly positioned directly on the edge of the oven and prevents the handle from having to be operated beyond the edge. Open oven safely? You can do it with the left. Then right!

CW = clockwise
CCW = counterclockwise

Functional example:
Two-stage zigzag strike

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