Edge-mounted hinge/Spring-loaded hinge

  • Variant with spring for self-closing
  • max. opening angle 190
  • Load capacity with 2 hinges approx. 20 kg
  • Non-rising
  • Disassmbly protection
  • Offset min. 27,5 mm

Refrigerated Furnishings


Closing? No problem! With its optional spring, this hinge offers a very special experience when it comes to closing. With an opening angle of less than 45, the door closes almost by itself. Another nice thing: You dont have to exclude security with this hinge. Its caps act as dismantling protection, because they can only be slid on and off when the door is open. The load capacity of two edge-mounted hinges is about 20 kg. The maximum opening angle is 190. 4513 Zeichnung


Hinge body Plastic
Cover cap Plastic
Hinge pin Stainless steel
Other components Stainless steel
Standard colors Black

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