6188 ERGO

Edge-mounted latch

  • Edge-mounted latch for refrigerated cabinets, commercial refrigerators,
  • cold storage cells, counters etc.
  • Self-closing latch with adjustable locking force
  • Lockable/non-lockable
  • Different locking variants
  • With normal/reinforced spring force
  • Openable from the inside/non-openable from the inside
  • Powder-coated finishes in custom RAL colors on request

Refrigerated Furnishings


Enough with drafts! This edge-mounted latch for doors does not allow any warm breezes to pass through and reliably secures food in refrigerated cabinets, commercial refrigerators or cold storage cells. The self-closing latch with adjustable locking force is available both with and without a lock. In the variants with a lock, different locking variants are possible. Due to normal, optionally also reinforced spring force, interruptions in the cold chain are virtually impossible. They are tried and tested and nice to look at because the edge-mounted latches come either in plastic or with a chrome-plated or powder-coated finish, which is available on request in any of the RAL colors. 6188 Zeichnung


Base plate Die-cast zinc, zinc-plated
Housing Die-cast zinc, chrome-plated or plastic
Handle Die-cast zinc, chrome-plated
Strikes Die-cast zinc, chrome-plated
Latch Die-cast zinc, zinc-plated
Caps Plastic
Pins Steel, zinc-plated
Springs Spring steel
Screws Zinc-plated
Other components Plastic or die-cast zinc
Finish Chrome-plated, powder-coated
Standard colors Chrome, Black (RAL 9005), Gray aluminum (RAL9007), Other colors (RAL) on request

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