Edge-mounted latch

  • Robust, self-closing latch with increased locking force
  • For refrigerated cabinets, commercial refrigerators, cold storage cells and so on
  • Application for demanding requirements
  • Locking strike height adjustable

Refrigerated Furnishings


This durable, self-closing latch is primarily intended for refrigerated cabinets, commercial refrigerators and fresh food cells, but is also excellent for other applications. Thanks to robust material and height-adjustable strikes, this latch masters any requirement, no matter how demanding. Dimension S gives the dimension from the edge of the body to the outer surface of the door. Due to the fact that the strike is height-adjustable by 18.5 mm, this latch can be mounted on doors with a thickness between 11.5 mm and 30 mm. 6770 Zeichnung


Housing Die-cast zinc, chrome-plated
Handle Die-cast zinc, chrome-plated
Strikes Die-cast zinc, chrome-plated
Catch Brass
Bolt Stainless steel
Springs Spring steel, zinc-plated
Spring tray Steel, zinc-plated
Finish Chrome-plated

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